🌿 Grain Alcohol (Triple Distilled)

🌿 Essential Oil Blend (High Therapeutic Grade)

🌿 Purified Water

🌿 Sodium Bicarbonate

🌿 Decyl Glucoside

room+linen spray


Refresh a room with the power of plants in this Room & Linen spray. Awaken  sheets, pillows and blankets. Bring a room to life with the cleaning power of plants. This versatile essential oil spray is safely used to create a signature scent anywhere in your home.

8 oz glass bottle with fine mist sprayer


how it works

Use in the bathroom as a quick deodorizer.

Spray liberally on sheets and linens.

Spray to awaken and refresh any room.

what's inside

We like our cleaners like we like our relationships—non toxic. That’s why our cleaners are made from 100% plants and minerals for a clean that’s good for you and the planet.

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