orlando, florida

Orlando Maid Partner
Victoria knows homes. As a local realtor, she knows the small details that make a house feel like home. She's reliable, detail oriented and will considers each cleaning as if it were her own home.
Orlando Maid Partner
Bernice has a knack for cleaning. A mother to three boys, she knows where dirt hides and doesn’t shy away from a tough clean up job. She’s ready to show your home what a plant based cleaning can do!
Orlando Maid Partner
Amanda brings cheerfulness into all she does—including into every one of her cleanings. A vegan and active mother, Amanda loves the environment and bringing the home and planet into balance.
Melissa McCartney
Orlando Maid Partner
Melissa aims to please. She strives to treat each cleaning with the attention, consideration and joy she puts into her own home. Her warmth and joyfulness will give your home that extra special touch at each cleaning.

bend, oregon

Bend Maid Partner
Diana loves bringing a home back into balance—ensuring it's cleaned with products that are tough on grime and relaxing to the senses. Bring the natural beauty of Bend into your home with an aromatherapeutic plant based cleaning.
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