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Zero Waste


Vegan Formulas

Locally made in
Bend, OR

sayonara plastic,
hello glass.

Never buy or toss another plastic bottle again. Our plant-based cleaners come in reusable glass bottles paired with concentrated refills for an eco conscious clean.

squeaky clean,
not stinky clean.

Infused with 100% high therapeutic grade essential oils for an aromatherapeutic clean you’ll love!

let us do the cleaning.

Book top rated maids equipped with City Maid Green cleaning products from the palm of your hands.

Fully customizable cleanings at $40/hr.

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Refresh and brighten every room of your home with our selection of zero waste cleaners

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Hosting this holiday season? Let us help get your home guest ready with a customizable eco friendly cleaning. ⠀
✨ ...
What's the difference between our cleaners and the rest? In a word, INGREDIENTS. Most cleaners are made from petroleum ...
When you support a local business, you’re also supporting your town or city. On average, 48% of each purchase ...
Our multipurpose cleaner is non-toxic and hard working. Use it to clean nearly everything in your home from countertops ...
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